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Kyiv Medical University (KMU) is not only the best private higher education institution, but also a true flagship of medical education.

We have long ago chosen the vector of our development - integration with the European Education Area. That is why we are the only Ukrainian university that, after the beginning of the full-scale invasion, partially relocated our student and teaching community to Poland by establishing an official representative of the university in the EU - the KMU Polish Campus.

The aim of the KMU Polish Campus is to ensure the safety and fulfilment of the right to receive a quality education of international level for future leaders of changes in the healthcare system of Ukraine and worldwide.

We are creating 18,000 sq.m. of educational and living space for you. We pride ourselves on providing a leading life experience and education for students, taught by leaders in their fields, with modern curricula inspired by the latest ideas, in a modern and comfortable war-free environment. This is the foundation for the future success of our graduates.

Apply for KMU Polish Campus
IMPORTANT! Please fill in the form attentively! The more correctly and accurately you fill in the form, the faster your application will be processed.
What degree are you willing to pursue?
Which year of study are you applying to?
NOTE, that if you have chosen 2nd year study or above you must present original of Academic Transcript from your previous University as well as KROK-1 Certificate (for those who have chosen 4th, 5th or 6th year)
*applicable only for students applying to 2nd year of study and above. NOTE: Please indicate the full and correct name of your previous University
Please upload a scan-copy of your passport
Please upload a scan-copy of your Ukrainian temporary residence permit (Posvidka)*
*Applicable for students applying 2nd year study or above
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*Applicable for students applying 2nd year study or above
If you possess a temporary protection in any EU country, please attach it
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Application Procedure
Since the KMU Polish Campus is a representative office of Kyiv Medical University in the Republic of Poland, admission/transfer is carried out in accordance with the admission rules approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Fill in the Application Form
Carefully fill in required information and upload your documents. KMU Polish Campus students Coordinator will get back to you and guide through the process.
After examination of applicant’s documents the University makes the decision to provide an Admission Confirmation Letter
Get Acceptance Letter & Pay Tuition Fees
Fulfil all admission requirements:
1) Pay Fees for an upcoming Academic Year;
2) Ensure you have all the original documents required
  • Original of School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects – legalised (appostilled), translated into Ukrainian and notarised;
  • Original of the Academic Transcript from your previous University (Applicable for students applying 2nd year study or above);
  • Passport and its notarised translation into Ukrainian;
  • Health Insurance.
Arrive to Poland
Inform the Polish Campus Student Coordinators about your planned arrival date by writing to [email protected]
Prior to arrival you can book a seat in our Students' Housing. For more info please visit Students' Housing web-page.
Start your study
Join a group and start your offline classes at KMU Poland Campus!
First Ukrainian medical University in the EU
KMU is fully integrated into the EU's educational, scientific and medical systems through an officially registered representative in the Republic of Poland (Bytom).
First Ukrainian medical University in the EU
KMU is fully integrated into the EU's educational, scientific and medical systems through an officially registered representative in the Republic of Poland (Bytom).
Study Programs
Training is conducted in Ukrainian (for Ukrainian nationals and International students) and English (for International students)

Our Campuses, Dormitories and Associated Clinics are located in the close proximity with the maximum time of 30 min ride by public transport.

Main Campus
Katowice, 5, Zawiszy Czarnego Street
Directorate | Academic Building | University Clinic | Dental Center "Universitetskiy"
Academic Building №1
Chorzow, 32 Dambrowskiego Street
Academic Building
(Under preparation)
Academic Building №2
Students' Housing №1
Bytom, 17 Raclawicka Street
Students' Housing for 180 seats
More details & booking on Students' Housing web-site
Students' Housing №2
Bytom, 14 Frycza-Modzewskiego Street
Students' Housing for 150 seats
(Under preparation)

  • Oleksandr Potii
    Campus Director
  • Iryna Shpak
    Academic Coordinator
  • Svitlana Kravchenko
    Students' Community Coordinator
  • Viktoriia Holovanchuk
    Student's Financial Coordinator
  • Yuliia Scheholeva
    Project Manager
  • Tetiana Yeromenko
    Students' Housing Supervisor
  • Mykhailo Borysenko
    Logistics Supervisor
Representatives of Professors & Educators
  • Ewa Milne
    Head of the Department of Polish Language and Culture
  • Iryna Avramenko
    MD, general practitioner, lecturer in Internal Medicine
  • Olena Lobova
    MD, otolaryngologist, lecturer in paediatrics
  • Ihor Karban
    MD, obstetrician-gynaecologist, lecturer in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Kostyantyn Arnoldi
    MD, otolaryngologist, lecturer in otolaryngology
  • Olga Rzhevska
    MD, Lecturer in Pathophysiology/Pathomorphology
  • Valeria Karlova
    Winner of international competitions in aesthetic dentistry, educator of therapeutic dentistry
  • Olena Rozhkova
    MD, Doctor, Lecturer in Operative Surgery
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Bytom, 120 Wroclawska Street
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