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Expanding opportunities for practice: Professor Tomasz Kupka - Partner of Campus

The quality and completeness of practical training is one of the priorities of the CMU Polish Campus. We are constantly working to expand our network of partners among hospitals and dental clinics and pharmacies.
Last week ended with the conclusion of an agreement on the organisation of practical training for dentists of the 3rd, 4th and 5th years of study with a well-known professor and practitioner Tomasz Kupka.
The cooperation with Professor Kupka started immediately - the 5th year students have already started their practical training in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics at the private dental practice of the professor in Ruda Śląska. The students note the high level of pedagogical skills of the clinic's specialists, as well as the strong material and technical base.
We sincerely hop that the cooperation will develop, and Professor Kupka and his team will be happy to share the best European experience with our students!