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KMU Polish Campus continues with new workshops for Lyceum#1 in Bytom

Following the success of previous sessions, Kyiv Medical University Polish Campus hosted two more insightful workshops for the students of our partnering lyceum in Bytom #1 today. These workshops are part of our ongoing commitment to providing practical, informative education in the medical field.

Workshop 1: "The Sweet Bondage of Sugar" In the first workshop, "The Sweet Bondage of Sugar," students explored the role of sugar in the human body. The workshop addressed questions like why our bodies need sugar, the benefits and effects of sugar consumption, its impact on skin health, hormonal changes due to sugar, and the safe daily intake of sugar.
The practical part involved measuring blood glucose levels, offering a hands-on experience. Additional information was provided on the development, prevention, and treatment of diabetes.
Workshop 2: "What Do You Know About Parasites?" The second workshop, titled "What Do You Know About Parasites?", delved into various types of parasitic worms. Students learned about how infections occur, clinical symptoms, patient response to symptoms, and ways to prevent parasitic infections. This workshop aimed to increase awareness and understanding of these common yet often overlooked health issues.
These workshops represent Kyiv Medical University Polish Campus's dedication to enhancing medical education and awareness among the youth, preparing them for future challenges in healthcare.

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