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KMU Polish Campus conducted workshop for Bytom #1 Lyceum Students

KMU Polish Campus conducted workshop for Bytom #1 Lyceum Students

Today, Kyiv Medical University Polish Campus hosted an exciting practical training session for students of our partnering lyceum in Bytom #1. The event comprised two engaging workshops designed to provide students with hands-on experience and valuable insights into the medical field.

Workshop 1: Basic Surgical Skills The first workshop, "Basic Surgical Skills," introduced students to the concepts of asepsis and antisepsis in the context of an operating room. Participants received foundational knowledge in handling surgical instruments and experienced working on an improvised surgical field. This workshop aimed to give students a glimpse into the meticulous and precise nature of surgical procedures, emphasizing the importance of sterilization and careful handling of medical equipment.

Workshop 2: Secrets of Blood Cells In the first workshop, titled "Secrets of Blood Cells," students delved into the fascinating world of blood cell biology. They learned about the functions, characteristics, and significance of different blood cells. An essential part of the session was educating students on how to prepare for a blood test and understanding factors that influence blood parameters. The practical segment involved an innovative exercise where students created blood cells using modeling clay, enhancing their understanding through a creative and interactive approach.
The training was a resounding success, with students showing great enthusiasm and interest. Kyiv Medical University Polish Campus is proud to facilitate such educational initiatives that inspire future generations in the medical field.

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