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KMU educators took part in Simulation Training in Coimbra, Portugal

On January 31 and February 1, our multidisciplinary team of 9 KMU faculty members (of Main Campus and KMU Polish Campus) took part in a simulation training course "Emergency Conditions in Obstetrics" at the Simulation Center of the Coimbra Local Public Health Department - ULS Coimbra (Portugal).
During the training, the teachers had an unprecedented opportunity to improve the skills of teamwork between the Portuguese Red Cross, Ukrainian doctors and the Portuguese Army Medical Unit led by General Carlos Lobato, representative of the Portuguese Armed Forces General Staff Forças Armadas Portuguesas, in biomedical simulation scenarios of critical situations in conditions very close to reality.
We express our sincere gratitude to the project coordinator Vitor Almeida and his team for the excellent organization of the training, motivating approach and the opportunity for international knowledge transfer, as well as to the Medical Association's Humanitarian Support Office Ordem dos Médicos (GAHOM) for taking the initiative in creating this training.
We are constantly upgrading our professionalism to implement modern expertise in Ukraine and in our educational process!