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Cooperation with AAMC: comprehensive support of the University’s internationalization

KMU friend and valuable allie, Dr. Steven Kanter, Executive Director of Alliance of Academic Health Centers International (AAHCI) Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), who in the past was the President and CEO of AAMC ( on the meeting with Dr. Alexander Pokanevych, President of KMU, had announced various ways to support KMU culturally diverse community. Just to remind that AAMC is developing the requirements of the USMLE for the medical students in the USA and Canada (

The support is as follows, but not limited to professional development workshops, AAMC and AAHCI networking events, various opportunities for research projects, mentored by faculty members from leading US, Canadian and European universities, access to the latest evidence based medical data, traineeship programs in various universities worldwide on competitive bases, and much more!

All those opportunities for which students worldwide are spending fortunes for their training are available at KMU. Medical training in KMU navigates our students and residents on how to become a leader today and prepares for a future career in any setting, including USA, Сananda, UK and many other developed countries.