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Practical workshops for Silesian Schools

Over 200 Silesian Pupils Benefit from KMU's Practical Workshops

This fall, Kyiv Medical University's Polish Campus made a significant impact on health education in the Silesian region. Throughout October and November 2023, over 200 secondary school students participated in a series of practical workshops hosted by KMU. These sessions, focusing on Basic Life Support (BLS) and 'Healthy Eating Habits', provided students with vital skills and knowledge.

The BLS workshop equipped students with crucial life-saving techniques, emphasizing the importance of timely and effective response in emergency situations. Meanwhile, the workshop on healthy eating habits offered insightful guidance on nutrition, fostering a foundation for lifelong wellness.

This initiative reflects KMU's commitment to community outreach and its dedication to nurturing the next generation's health awareness. The response from students and educators alike has been overwhelmingly positive, showcasing KMU's role as a leading educational force in the region.