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Student's Scientific Conference at KMU Polish Campus

On December 8, 2023, all students and educators of KMU Polish Campus are warmly welcomed to the annual student scientific conference "Scientific Vector and Innovations in Medicine through the Eyes of Junior Scientists"

At 9:30 AM we are waiting for all participants and educators for the official part of the conference held in Bytom City Council, 2 Parkowa Street.

At 1 PM we are looking forward to seeing you at the scientific sessions of the conference on 120 Wroclawska Street, Bytom

The conference program will include presentations in the following sections:

- Patient Safety (room 304). Chairman – prof. Natalia Piryatinska;

- Basic Sciences (room 206). Chairman – prof. Olena Khomiak;

- Pediatrics (room 309). Chairman – prof. Maria Yartseva;

- Therapy (room 310). Chairman – prof. Iryna Avramenko;

- Surgery (room 210). Chairman – prof. Ihor Karban;

- Dentistry (room 204). Chairman – prof. Valeria Karlova.

More detailed program of the conference is in the poster in the attached files.

Don't forget to support the best presentation by voting during scientific sessions!

See you soon!