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KMU at 2023 AAHCI European Regional Meeting is organized by the University of Zurich

Kyiv Medical University equips our culturally diverse students with the knowledge, skills and values to take on global health challenges. Our faculty members are travelling all around the world to bring international content to the educational process. By doing so, our graduates are much more prepared for their professional healthcare career in any cultural setting, better ready to adapt to various circumstances the world is facing today and poses with topical medical skills.

Excellence in medical education, which is also represented by strong leadership of the President of the KMU Dr. Alexander Pokanevych, has been highly evaluated by our international colleagues. Therefore, the most influential medical association in the world -- AAMC with its European representation AAHCI has invited Dr. Pokanevych, to represent Ukraine, as a panelist of the session about "Crisis Strategies and Best Practices for Academic Health Centers".

The 2023 AAHCI European Regional Meeting is organized by the University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine (UZH) to be held September 7 – 8 in Zurich, Switzerland for academic health center leaders in the region and worldwide. Under the theme Innovating Academic Health Systems in Times of Crisis and Change, leadership from AAHCI member institutions and prospective AAHCI members will gather to share best practices and explore how to best position their institution to prepare for future challenges. Leaders from the region and across the globe will explore opportunities to enhance capabilities in research, innovation, clinical care, and health professions education.

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