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Expanding Collaboration: KMU Leadership Meets with Częstochowa Hospital Executives

Kyiv Medical University's President, Dr. Oleksandr Pokanevych, and the Director of KMU Polish Campus, Oleksandr Potii, recently met with the leadership of Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny w Częstochowie, the largest hospital in Silesia. The meeting, held with Hospital Director Lukasz Polatynski and Vice-Director Marcin Pakulski, focused on expanding cooperation in clinical practice opportunities for students and exchanging best practices in healthcare.
The partnership aims to provide KMU students with enhanced clinical experiences in one of the region's foremost medical facilities, which boasts over 900 beds and approximately 2,500 staff members. This initiative is expected to greatly benefit the students by providing them with hands-on experiences in a diverse and dynamic healthcare environment.