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Strengthening Collaborative Ties: KMU Leadership Meets with Władysław Perchaluk to Discuss Healthcare Cooperation

Katowice, Poland – In a significant step towards enhancing healthcare education and practice, Dr. Oleksandr Pokanevych, President of Kyiv Medical University, and Oleksandr Potii, Director of the KMU Polish Campus, recently met with Władysław Perchaluk, the head of the Związek Szpitali Powiatowych Województwa Śląskiego.

Władysław Perchaluk, who has dedicated 45 years to the healthcare sector with the last 18 in leadership roles, including managing the Specialized Hospital No. 1 in Bytom during 2020-2021, brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Mr. Perchaluk also contributes academically, offering guest lectures at the University of Economics in Katowice, where he has been part of the advisory board for Finance and Management in Healthcare for five years.
The Związek Szpitali Powiatowych Województwa Śląskiego, established in 2016, today includes 23 public hospitals in Silesia. It aims to strengthen their position in the Polish healthcare system through initiatives such as legal protection, unified HR policies, collective purchasing, and supporting systematic transformations.
The meeting focused on discussing potential cooperative initiatives between KMU and the hospitals associated with the Związek. Key topics included enhancing clinical practice opportunities for KMU students and exchanging best practices in healthcare management and education.

This collaboration promises to offer substantial benefits, providing KMU students with invaluable hands-on experiences in some of Silesia’s leading hospitals, and facilitating an exchange of knowledge and resources that will enrich both the educational and practical aspects of healthcare.