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KMU Strengthens Community Ties in Meeting with Silesian Deputy Governor

In a significant development, Kyiv Medical University (KMU) officials, led by Dr. Oleksandr Pokanevych and Oleksandr Potii, recently met with Michał Kopański, the Deputy Governor of Silesia, to discuss the university's growing impact on the local community and the broader Silesian region.

The meeting commenced with expressions emphasizing the university's efforts in realisation of the Mission "Ukrainian Medical Education under Fire: HealthCare in Danger".

The discussion highlighted KMU's beneficial activities in the local community, detailing current social and humanitarian initiatives, e.g:
  • Practical workshops for students from several schools across Silesia, impacting over 300 pupils.
  • KMU student volunteerism at the WIEDROWIEC Social Assistance Home in Bytom.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles in Bytom and participation in educational fairs in Katowice.
  • The "Talking Tables" initiative for cultural integration and socialization within the Polish community.

Furthermore, Dr. Pokanevych elaborated on the university's educational and clinical activities, celebrating two years of offline studying, which has greatly enhanced educational quality. He noted the pride of three cohorts of graduates who completed their studies offline in Poland, receiving Ukrainian diplomas. The meeting also covered KMU’s strong partnerships with local hospitals for student clinical practices and the involvement of KMU students in local scientific events, like conferences in Krakow and research groups at the Silesian University of Technology. The cooperation with Polish lecturers and the engagement of KMU lecturers in local hospitals were also discussed, including a project supporting Ukrainian doctors in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

This meeting with Deputy Governor Kopański marks a pivotal moment in strengthening the bond between KMU and the Silesian community, fostering continued collaboration and mutual growth in healthcare and education.