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Graduation Ceremony – Congratulations Class of 2024!

12.06.2024 was a memorable day in the lives of the KMU community and 101 graduate of the KMU Polish Campus. For the 4th time in a row KMU Graduation Ceremony is kindly hosted by the municipality of the city of Bytom (Silesia), Poland and of course streamed to all over the world.

The war in Ukraine has caused tremendous disruption in the education and training of medical doctors, and Kyiv Medical University’s international campus in Bytom Silesia is a beacon of light in this grave situation. Universities and educational institutions par excellence are the key sources of creating ‘knowledge economies’, and the humanitarian mission of Kyiv Medical University supports the continuous education and training of medical students being trained in Ukraine, it also supports human capital development and helps tackle the healthcare workforce challenges faced by the international community.

Moreover, we are proud that we were able to contribute not only to the success of our graduates but also to the increase in number of clinical workforce globally. And in particular, to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) -3 which is “Universal Health Coverage” which signifies that all people should have access to quality health services, when in need. Consequently sufficient amount of health professionals is the most significant factor which influences Universal Health Coverage.

Kyiv Medical University, through its longstanding history is dedicated to advancing medical education and healthcare in Ukraine and beyond. As an advocate for global health and education, I firmly believe in the critical role that institutions like ours play in shaping the future of healthcare professionals and improving public health outcomes, all around the world, and especially in LMIC which requires it is the most.

KMU GRADUATES OF THE CLASS 2024 were really pleased to receive greetings from the Bytom municipality representatives, senator, government representatives, representatives of local healthcare facilities, science, education and other KMU allies.

KMU administration wishes strength, energy, a peaceful sky, inspiration, constant growth and grateful patients to the KMU GRADUATES OF THE CLASS 2024!