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KMU Polish Campus Forms Strategic Partnership with ZBM Zdrowie Medical Center

This collaboration marks a crucial step in enhancing the clinical training opportunities available to KMU students.

ZBM Zdrowie, renowned for its comprehensive patient care across 17 specialized clinics and primary care services, has been committed to holistic patient support since 2000. This family-owned enterprise emphasizes core values such as empathy, trust, responsibility, compassion, caregiving, and openness, making it an ideal training ground for future medical professionals.

Under the new agreement, KMU students will gain access to hands-on clinical experiences at ZBM Zdrowie’s facilities, which are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools including X-Ray, Ultrasound, Densitometry, and notably, well-appointed ophthalmology suites.

Students at KMU will benefit from direct interactions with ZBM Zdrowie’s team of highly skilled specialists and healthcare professionals, including nurses, medical registrars, radiologists, and physiotherapists. This practical exposure is expected to enhance their learning and readiness for medical careers, emphasizing real-world medical procedures and patient care.

The partnership also facilitates a broader spectrum of clinical research opportunities and professional development for KMU students, fostering a dynamic educational environment. Dr. Bartosz Wieczorek, the head doctor at ZBM Zdrowie, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the mutual benefits of integrating academic knowledge with clinical practice.