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KMU Polish Campus took part in 'Children Day' Festival in Bytom

One of the priorities of the KMU Polish Campus and Kyiv Medical University in general – is to integrate into local communities, be useful for them and promote health. One of our motto is – TO MAKE HEALTH BETTER TO AS MANY WE CAN.

Not surprisingly, that our location were among most popular ones during the International 'Children Day' Festival traditionally held in Bytom on June 1st.

Our prominent professors and students offered to the visitors various workshops, quizzes and of course some funny activities for little ones!
Adult visitors of the festival benefited from the possibility to underwent fast check-ups: experts of KMU measured blood pressure and conducted a basic otolaryngological examination.
On the main stage in Bytom City Park, our talented International and Ukrainian students presented national dances, songs and even author's musical masterpieces.