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KMU Polish Campus Hosts Cardiology Lecture and ECG Practical Session

On April 13th, students at KMU Polish Campus had the opportunity to delve into the depths of cardiology during the enlightening lecture titled "Серцеві Секрети: Від Нозології до Навиків Кардіолога" (Heart Secrets: From Nosology to Cardiologist Skills). Led by the renowned cardiologist Natalia Ivanyuk, the event provided a comprehensive overview of cardiological specialties, diseases, and the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.
The lecture, which was open to all Ukrainian students, covered essential topics such as the responsibilities of a cardiologist and the methodologies behind ECGs and cardiac ultrasound procedures. The theoretical knowledge imparted was immediately put into practice in a hands-on ECG session, allowing students to apply what they had learned in a real-world setting.
Following the success of this session, KMU is excited to announce that a similar practical session will soon be offered to our international English-speaking students. This upcoming event aims to extend the same practical learning experience to a broader audience, ensuring all our students are well-versed in cutting-edge cardiological practices.

Stay tuned for more details on the schedule and registration for the upcoming session. KMU Polish Campus is committed to providing our students with the highest quality education and practical experience in the medical field.