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KMU Polish Campus Students Shine at SIMC International Medical Congress 2024

Students of the Kyiv Medical University's Polish Campus made a remarkable impact at the SIMC International Medical Congress 2024, hosted by Silesia Medical University in Katowice on May 15th and 16th. The congress, a prestigious event celebrating its 70th anniversary, brought together a global community of medical students and experts to share and discuss groundbreaking research.
Palak Dutta stood out with her original study titled ‘Video-Based Multimedia Information in Reducing Pre-Operative Anxiety: A Randomized Interventional Study,’ securing a commendable second place. Her research highlighted the potential of video-based information to alleviate pre-operative anxiety among patients, offering significant insights into patient care practices.
Cankutay Muderrisoglu also delivered an exceptional presentation on his systematic review ‘LOCAL ANESTHESIA IN RHYTIDECTOMY: A Critical Analysis Through Systematic Review.’ His work provided a thorough examination of local anesthesia techniques in rhytidectomy, contributing to enhanced understanding and methodologies in surgical practices.
The SIMC International Medical Congress is one of the largest student-led medical conferences in Poland, known for its rigorous scientific sessions and the participation of eminent professors and specialists. Each year, the event showcases hundreds of original papers, reflecting months of diligent research by students from around the world.

KMU’s participation and success at this international platform not only underscore the quality and relevance of the research conducted by its students but also their capability to contribute significantly to the global medical community.