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Medical Diagnostics: Fundoscopy and Otoscopy Unveiled

This week at KMU Polish Campus, we're spotlighting two essential diagnostic tools every aspiring therapist should master: Fundoscopy and Otoscopy.

Exploring the Eye: The Fundoscopy!
Have you ever been curious about what the inside of an eye looks like? Fundoscopy offers us an exclusive peek into the complex world of the retina, optic nerve, and blood vessels. This powerful tool goes beyond eye health, assisting in the detection of diseases and monitoring of overall health, by revealing the first signals that might necessitate a closer look, such as headaches, changes in blood glucose levels, kidney dysfunction, and more. It’s a testament to the critical role eye specialists play in our health ecosystem, utilizing fundoscopy to identify issues early on.
Listening to What Your Ears Have to Say!
In today’s digital age, earbuds like AirPods have become ubiquitous, bringing the importance of ear health to the forefront. Did you know that prolonged use of earphones can affect your hearing health? Regular otoscopy screenings are crucial for checking earwax buildup, irritation, and potential damage, ensuring your auditory system remains in top condition. It’s time to prioritize your auditory wellness and schedule your otoscopy – your ears deserve the utmost care.