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KMU Polish Campus Students participate at the International SIM UNI Competition

In a remarkable display of skill and teamwork, students from the KMU Polish Campus distinguished themselves at the prestigious SimUniversity competition held yesterday. This cutting-edge event, spearheaded by the SESAM initiative, brings together undergraduate healthcare students from across the globe for a unique educational challenge.
SimUniversity is not just a competition; it's a learning incubator where teams engage in high-fidelity simulation scenarios to test their clinical acumen and collaborative abilities. Under the tutelage of seasoned clinical and simulation professionals, students delve into the intricacies of healthcare emergencies, from resuscitation to managing myocardial infarctions.
The KMU Polish Campus team was among eight teams that battled through the preliminary rounds, displaying exceptional competence in basic clinical emergency scenarios. The team, guided by their dedicated mentors, excelled in both medical treatment and the vital non-technical skills that are so crucial in healthcare settings.
As part of the SESAM annual meeting, the competition was also a stage for learning and exchange, with sessions observed by a rapt audience that included SESAM participants. This format provided a dual learning track: the students honed their skills through direct participation, while the audience gleaned insights from scenario designs and debriefing approaches.

The thrill of competition was matched by the educational depth of the debriefing sessions, where expert facilitators provided feedback focused on medical treatment proficiency and non-technical skills, such as communication and teamwork.